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is an innovative Staffing and Recruiting Company operating in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Greece. We offer the newest mentality in Staffing industry and our core business are Candidates and Clients. For our client, an international bank, for their branch in Prizren, Kosovo we are looking for:



  • Present job description (job description) was developed in accordance with the standards of job description development in the Bank
  • The goal of job description is to determine the qualification requirements for the Customer Relations Manager and to establish functional rights and duties, as well as responsibilities for their implementation.
  • Amendments and additions to the Job Description may be adopted in new wording.
  • The Job description is the integral part of Employment Contract.


  • University degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Detailed knowledge of banking procedures and products.
  • High ethical and professional reputation and with minimum 3 years of experience in the banking, especially in loans and preferably have a portfolio.
  • Knowledge and experience with International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Understanding the risk assessment techniques.
  • Knowledge of money laundering and terrorist financing regulations and procedures.
  • Excellent relation management skills.
  • Excellent organizational, time management and supervisory skills.
  • Advanced level of spoken and written English.
  •  Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office programs at the level of an experienced user, the ability to conduct business correspondence, office communication media.
  • Absence of negative characteristics from previous work places.
  • Compliance with reputation defined by the legislation of the Republic of Kosovo and regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK).


  • The Customer Relations Manager is appointed and dismissed by the Manager of the Main Branch of the Bank and directly subordinates to the so called manager.


Activity of the Customer Relations Manager is guided by:

  • Legislation of the Republic of Kosovo, laws and regulations of the CBK and other supervisory governmental bodies;
  • Charter and other local acts of the Bank, including those that regulates the internal control system of in the Bank, as well as the documents that determine the Bank policy and the Bank business activity;
  • The Bank's internal regulations;
  • Present job description.

The main duties of the Customer Relations Manager are as follow:

  • Financial guidance to the clients,
  • Portfolio management,
  • Sales,
  • Relation management,

Responsibilities of Customer Relations Manager:

  • Implement strategy and policies approved by the Bank Management;
  • Develop processes that identify measure, monitor and control risks incurred by the Bank;
  • Maintain an organizational structure that clearly assigns responsibility, authority and reporting relationships;
  • Ensure that delegated responsibilities are effectively carried out, follow appropriate internal control policies;
  • Coordination and control over the quality of performance and on time fulfillment of duties by the employees of the Unit and compliance of employees of the Unit with official duties defined in their job descriptions.
  • Providing safety and returning of the documents received from inspected subdivision of the Bank.
  • Providing effective cooperation with the Bank subdivisions and employees of the Bank.
  • During working hours and in private life avoid actions that may damage Bank’s reputation.
  • The Customer Relations Manager has to provide list of tools and materials to administrative body of the Bank for the proper technical support of the Management, as well as to receive of all necessary materials required for activity of the Management.
  • Informing the Management of the Bank about facts of violations of legislation and regulations and rules of transactions and also about facts of damages to the Bank or customer of the Bank.
  • Keeping banking and commercial secret of the Bank and its clients.
  • Compliance with the condition of nondisclosure of personal data of other employees and clients of the Bank that have become known in connection with performance of their job duties.
  • Organization of trainings for improvement of qualifications of department employees.


The Customer Relations Manager has the right to:

  • To refer to the Management with the suggestions regarding the improvement of the Department work.
  • On the own initiative to report to the Manager about the issues that appear during the carrying out functions of the Department, and to suggest proposals for elimination, and also to release the information to the Management.
  • Cooperate with the Bank and bank subdivisions for prompt solvation by receiving any information in compliance of RF legislation and Bank requires on the work with restricted distribution information.
  • Participate in the meetings and sessions of the administrative bodies of the Bank during the discussing the results
  • Improve business skills by getting education and attending banking seminars and etc.


  • The Customer Relations Manager bears the responsibility for performing above mentioned functions.
  • For disclosure of the information that constitutes banking, commercial or any other legally protected secrets, including the disclosure of the personal data of other employees, the Customer Relations Manager bears civil, criminal, administrative, disciplinary and other liabilities in accordance with the Republic of Kosovo legislation.
  • In the a case of violation of the labor contract requirements including the job description, on decision of the Board of Directors following disciplinary measures to the Customer Relations Manager:
  • Observation;
  • Reprimand;
  • Dismissal.

The basis of the Customer Relations Manager responsibility:

  • Assessment of activities of Customer Relations Manager by the CBK, Board of Directors, general shareholders meeting as an unsatisfactory;

The facts, which are the basis for taking measures of exposure to the Head of Department, are specified by the Board of Directors in the Minutes.
The impose of the disciplinary measures to the Customer Relations Manager is issued by the order of the Management and filled into the employee’s file.

REMUNERATION/ SALARY:        Highly competitive.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

The interested candidates are invited to Apply online and send your application document (CV in English). If you have any technical questions related the application, please, contact Ms. Doruntina JAKUPI directly on +38138749001 (Monday - Friday) or sent an e-mail at: [email protected] until 30 June 2017.

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