Few advices to candidates

If you are looking for a job, exploring job portals, asking about free positions in interesting companies, you should pay attention to a couple of things that are very important in the eyes of employers.


The first contact with a potential employer, when you apply through the job portal, is via email.

Please note that when registering on the portal, edit the profile, fill in as many items as possible, give as much information as possible so that your profile is complete and detailed.


When you submit the application, employer receives an email notification with files you posted on the portal in the attachment of the email, the most important in the eyes of the employer is a CV.

The email notification contains the basic candidate information from the portal from which you registered, mostly: first and last name, date of birth, gender, address, email, education (depends on the portal).

The name, last name, date of birth and gender are filled in correctly in most applications.

When completing profile, I suggest that you take care that the address field is filled in correctly and that it is your current address.

When completing profile, I suggest that you choose an email containing your name and/or surname, which will give the employer the knowledge that you take care of this. Avoid other, less serious emails (nicknames, item names, email of friends, etc.).


Once the employer reviews your basic information, he opens your CV. It is very important that the CV is well organised. Online CV generators will do the job. CV generator (CV builder, CV maker) is an application, a web application, a form, a program that will create an organised CV file, based on the information you enter in the data fields. You can also organise and create CV by yourself. If you choose CV generators, make sure you input the required information accurately and thoroughly. When creating a CV, be patient, do it very carefully. After creating, read it to verify that everything is grammatically correct, that you gave correct information. If you create a CV by yourself, I suggest you save it and send it to the employer in pdf format.


The photo is very important for the CV, if it does not contain it, send it as an email attachment.

When choosing a photo for a portal or a CV, it would be best if it is a professional photo, it is also great if photo format is as for a personal document. Keep an eye on this item, because this is your first contact with employer, employer will meet you while reviewing your CV.

An employer opens your CV and sees professional photography, you get his attention. For an employer, it means you care about the position you applied for, that you have serious intentions. I propose candidates to send a photo, only if they are professional photos (the candidate is dressed according to the working position for which he is applying) or in the personal document format (an fas, the candidate dressed according to the working position for which he applies).


If employer likes your CV, it matches with the job description, he will inform you about it and invite you to an interview, briefly explaining about job and company details, which company it is and what the employer requires and what he offers.

During an interview, among other things, an employer will ask you about CV items, so it is very important that the information you provide is true. If the employer finds that the information in your CV is suspicious (in terms of honesty), it is very possible that at that moment the employer's wish for your engagement dissapear. Once again, it is important that information from your CV is true.


Keep in mind that, besides informations from your CV, thing that is important is the way it is created, the organisation of the same, the format of the photo, the time you devoted to creating, how detailed and precise you were while creating CV. It tells the employer about you . If you indicate in your CV that you are organised, professional, pay attention to the details, the CV should be a reflection of these characteristics. Consider the CV as the first project that you represent to the employer, you want to delight him!


The aim of this article is to help candidates with the process of finding a job by giving advice on human resources, directly referring to the items and the way in which employers select candidates. Thank you for paying attention to this article, I hope you will use advices listed. Good luck in job search!