Për klientët

Klientët, ata që besojnë tek ne



The HeadHunter Group is the largest company recruitment of human resources in the Balkans.

With its headquarters in Tirana, but with branches in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, The HeadHunter Group is a company constantly growing and expanding.

For us, our customers are the first, and to offer them a more professional service through our highly qualified staff, composed of experts with experience and high qualification.

With services like Hunting of Executive Managers, Recruitment, Temporary Employment Permanent, Temporary staff, rent staff, preparation of payroll, training and Market Studies Total Management of Human Resources, Branding Staff, etc., we guarantee, quality, speed, lower costs and mbitëgjitha FAITH!

In fact, numerous partners with whom they already cooperate in order to consolidate for years, are always on our BESUEHSMËRIA support, in terms of maximal preservation of privacy, confidentiality and especially our utmost fairness before the law and strictly implement the agreements.

Because of the public impact of the recent years, more and more foreign and domestic partners believe is our group because the results are immediately tangible!