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Headhunter Group is the largest company engaged in recruitment in the Balkans. 

In addition to the seat which is in Tirana, headhunter has offices in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Headhunter Group grows and expands its activities. 

Our customers are our first choice, so that they offer very high quality and professional services through our highly qualified staff, made up of experts. 
With services such as search for managers (Headhunting), recruitment and selection, temporary assignment of employees (Staff Leasing), payroll, training and market research, the overall HR support, branding and so on. we guarantee the quality, efficiency, lower prices, but above all, trust.

There are more and more partners, major international and domestic companies, with which for years we have stable cooperation that rely on our reliability thanks to our commitment to maximum protect their privacy and confidentiality, but above all thanks to our strict principle of respect for the law and agreement. 

Thanks to our influence over the years, more and more international and local partners chosen our company, because our results are real and visible on the first contact.