"Equality Index in Employment of the LGBTIQ Community" Kosovo 2018



"Equality Index in Employment of the LGBTIQ Community" Kosovo 2018

The idea of the project is to assess companies how well they protect and respect the rights and dignity of LGBTIQ jobseekers and LGBTIQ employees, their employment, training and development and compliance with their practices in this area, with local legislation.
The press conference was held at the "National Library" in Pristina from 11:00.
Participants in the panel were Dren Xhema - The HeadHunter Kosovo, Dorina Laci - Project Manager (The HeadHunter Albania), Rina Braimi - Program Manager (CEL).

The gala evening was held at the Swiss Diamond Hotel from 18:30 on May 17, 2018, where over 100 characters from the most successful companies in Kosovo were present.

The index is launched for the first time in Kosovo. It rewards those companies that have devotedly put into practice diversity in the workplace. The index also presents a great opportunity for companies, consumers and legal authorities to promote best practices in the employment sector. This is an opportunity to communicate about education and raising awareness of discrimination in the workplace.
The Director General of The HeadHunter Career LLC, Mr. Elton ILIRJANI, emphasizes this opinion. "We see this issue every day in our company. For this reason, we have created the Index as a way to contribute, more specifically to improve the life of LGBTIQ community Albanians. By strengthening the competitive spirit in the private sector, we have created this Index to reward companies for their efforts at incorporating LGBTIQ people into the workplace and to encourage companies to receive ever-higher rewards in the coming years ".
In this first year of the initiative, Kosovar companies showed great interest in participating and a total of 65 companies from numerous industries have volunteered to participate in this research. Following a standardized format and methodology, The HeadHunter staff did the verification of policies and practices in conducting field interviews. Of the 65 participating companies, 3 (three) of them have accepted the three first awards and 5 (five) other companies, were awarded with certifications.

Companies that have received BRONZ awards are: Coca-Cola Hellenic, Baruti GmbH, FINCA Kosovo. And companies that have received the certifications are: MIK Group, TOK Services, Vala-Telecom of Kosovo, Illyria Insurance and NLB Bank.

Analysis of findings has shown that in the workplace policies, diversity, practices and programs are generally missing in Kosovo. If these are present, they generally do not include jobseekers and LGBTIQ employees. Companies have lack of policies, practices, and trained human resource managers on the topic of diversity at work.